Workshops With An Impact

These workshops build off each other and are intended to be taken as a series. Each workshop runs for three hours or can be scheduled together as a full-day workshop.

These workshops are aimed at all members of the community, including parents, caregivers, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

Science of Hope: Brain Science & Resilience

This three-hour workshop explores the fundamentals of brain science with a focus on the benefits of how it can positively impact individuals and schools within their community. This interactive training covers topics related to the structure of the brain and the role different parts of the brain play in helping (or preventing) individuals through life’s challenges. Additionally, we examine the role that negative childhood experiences may have on brain development while examining tools for resilience.

Trauma-Informed Care

This  3-hour workshop acknowledges the prevalence and significant impact of trauma in an individual’s life and aims to inform service providers how to apply a trauma-informed lens to their current practice. Learning to deliver services in this way will allow service providers to appreciate the context in which their clients live without contributing to these traumatic experiences. This workshop will define and describe six main trauma-informed principles and focus on how to translate these principles into practice.

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