Suicide Loss Support Groups

Our Suicide Loss Support Groups provide healing, compassionate support to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide. The Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention recognizes that survivors of suicide loss often experience complicated grief which can lead to a decrease in mental well-being and increase the risk for suicidal ideation. Meeting and sharing with others in similar circumstances can be beneficial to the recovery process.

All support groups through RCSP are facilitated by individuals who have experience with suicide loss, either through personal experience or professional experience.

In-Person Groups

Our in-person groups are more formal groups with more structured support. All participants are required to register below and complete an intake with our program staff prior to attending.
All program materials as well as light snacks and beverages are offered to participants free of charge.

Virtual Gatherings

Our virtual gatherings run monthly on the first Wednesday of each month over Zoom. These gatherings are less structured with more room for connecting with others who have similar experiences.

Participants must register below in order to receive the zoom link. All participants will receive a reminder email prior to the group.

To learn more about this program, contact our program director at or 780-539-6680.


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