Skills for Safer Living – North Peace

About the Program

This free, four week group is for youth and young adults aged 12-24 and their caregivers who are interested in understanding the thoughts and feelings that lead to thinking about suicide and how to make safe choices.

The group meets once a week for a 90-minute session for four weeks. In the sessions, youth learn to build skills and capacity to help keep themselves safe. Caregivers meet in a group that takes place at the same time and location. In addition to building capacity in youth, the program builds the same knowledge in families/caregivers. It intends to foster a feeling of support from and among caregivers in a situation that is scary, but not hopeless.

This program is offered by the Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention in partnership with the Centre for Suicide Prevention located in Calgary.

Topics Discussed and Explored Include:

  • Understanding Feelings
  • Keeping Safe
  • Caring Connections
  • Making Choices

Our Approach

The program introduces basic language, skills, and concepts to better understand the thoughts and feelings associated with suicide and strategies to mitigate them and keep the participant as safe as possible. By the end of the program, each participant will have developed a safety plan and skills for keeping themselves safe.

While it’s preferred that youth and their caregiver participate in the program, it is possible for caregivers to attend without their youth and for youth to attend without their caregiver.


Registration can be completed following the button below or by contacting Casey Szmata at or call our office at 825-238-0038.

This project is funded by the Government of Alberta