Suicide prevention and support

Suicide is preventable

An interactive website that lets you recognize the warning signs, learn how to have the conversation, and where to start reaching out for help.

Crisis services Canada

A Canada wide crisis website with local and national resources as well as supports and fact sheets. Available in English and French

Your Life Counts
A resource website with personal stories and experiences. Available in multiple languages

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention

If you are thinking about suicide, read this first

A short story for those who may be struggling. There are also additional resources and jokes

Centre for Suicide Prevention

A website with resources and fact sheets on suicide. Most resources are available in PDF and print copies.

Beyond Blue

An Australian resource site including an online forum to discuss difficulties.

Blue Pages

Information on Depression.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Information on warning signs and risks, statistics, and getting help.

SA/VE Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

A non-profit organization based in Minnesota that aims to provide awareness and education on the topic of suicide. The website is a host of information on warning signs, facts, statistics, and treatment.