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Suicide is the leading cause of injury death in Western Canada. In Alberta, at least one person dies by suicide every day, and 75% are men. Tough Enough to Talk About It helps prevent suicide by reducing the stigma of mental health issues, providing information about how to help, and providing resources for people with mental health concerns.

Tough Enough to Talk About It began in 1999 under the name Men at Risk. The original program was created because statistics identified that a high percentage of suicide deaths in northern Alberta occurred in industry, trades and agriculture. By 2016, industrial workplaces had evolved to include a significant number of female employees, and the program was re-branded Tough Enough to Talk About It in recognition of this changing dynamic.

Tough Enough offers workplace a 1 hour presentation, 3 hour seminar, Safer Workplaces 6 hour seminar, and videos to address mental health in the workplace – starting conversations that may save lives.

Tough Enough Workplace Presentations

Tough Enough To Talk ABout It

Safer workplaces start with you.

Every year, 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental health problem. Workplaces are impacted, as mental health claims are the fastest growing category of disability costs. Over 5000 employed Canadians are unable to work due to mental health problems yet only 23% report they would feel comfortable talking to their employer about a mental health problem.

One Hour Presentation

Tough Enough to Talk About It (1 hour) provides employees with information on how to recognize mental health problems, how to ask tough questions, and how to arrange for help. The presenters also talk about how to recognize the signs of declining mental well-being and offer skills for self-care. The program is best suited to a minimum one-hour presentation.

A trained facilitator deliver the information either in person or virtually to groups of any size, from safety meetings to service clubs.

3 hour virtual seminar

This 3 hour virtaul seminar teaches people to recognize a decline in mental well-being, how to have that tough conversation, and how to arrange for help. It expands on the topics presented in the 1 hour pesentation while allowing more time to practice the concepts while they are being presented.

There is no cost for this presentation.

Safer Workplaces 6 hour Seminar

Tough enough To Talk About It offers one-day seminars intended for employees in leadership positions. This seminar provides employees with hands-on skills to identify and safely respond to employees experiencing mental health concerns.

The Tough Enough seminar incorporates key standards from CSA-Z1003 Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. Participants will develop risk management skills, gain tools to promote psychological well-being, and improve the overall health and safety culture of their workplace.

Currently unavailable. We are in the process of redesigning the workshop.

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