Develop Skills

The Gryphon Youth Group (formerly known as the Breakfast Club) is an interactive program for youth in grades 7-12. All youth experience stress in their lives. These workshops are a fun chance to connect with others their own age and learn about healthy coping mechanisms and to build strong support networks.

Our fun and interactive programs are a great way to learn about important topics which give youth strategies and tools to cope with everyday stressors. They learn that they are not alone and others may go through similar struggles while also developing new friendships.

These tools are helpful to limit the negative impact of stress, as well as provide valuable skills needed to navigate through life

Evening Activties

Our evening support and friendship nights run monthly and encourage youth to build and maintain friendships they developed during our weekend workshops.

The activities could include an outing around town such as laser tag, jump yard, a hands-on craft followed by a wellness activity.

Weekend Workshops

The Gryphon Teen Weekend Workshop aims to provide teenaged youth with the knowledge and skills to cope with common stresses they experience in their lives.

The topics are relevant and unique to teens including cyber safety, health relationships, stress, mental health and resilience

Teens learn the importance of making good choices in navigating their ever-changing lives.


Registration can be completed following the button below or by contacting Tammy Monro at or call our office at 780-539-6680.