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This conversation saves lives.

In Alberta, more than 500 people die by suicide every year.  More than 75% will be male.

That means that every day in Alberta, a family is struggling to accept the loss of a loved one. As a community, what can we do to reduce these numbers?  What can we do to protect the ones we love?

Let’s start by learning about mental health. Let’s work to reduce the stigma of depression, anxiety and mental illness. Let’s learn how to ask, “Are you thinking about suicide?” Let’s all learn how to say, “I can help.”  This is a conversation that can save lives. Connect can help you start the conversation.

Connect builds awareness through public education.  It is designed to “Connect people with knowledge and tools to save lives” through presentations, discussion and workshop training.

All presentations are tailored to meet the needs of the community or group.  Whether our facilitator is given 15 minutes or three hours, she will ensure the audience receives valuable information, and effective helping tools.

Head TalksHead Talks:  opens the discussion of mental health and wellness for youth and adult audiences using clear language and stories.
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Head HealthHead Health: interactive presentations from 1 to 3 hours long. They are educational presentations for caregivers including volunteers, teachers, clergy, nurses, emergency response personnel, and other professionals.

Community Response and Bereavement Support: generally conversations held in communities, at workplaces or with families which have experienced tragedy and are struggling to cope. 

Displays and Special Events are effective ways to increase awareness of mental health and suicide.

Suicide Prevention is about promoting emotional well-being, and our facilitator works to ensure that each presentation, focuses on the positive and concludes with a sense of hope or empowerment. For example, our discussion about bullying focuses on how powerful, purposeful and valuable you are and that every choice you make leaves an impression in your world. 

To educate the public about depression and related mental illness, suicide, loss, bullying, coping with stress, and self- care, or provide information on our agency services & programs.
To provide the available resources for intervention.
To provide the hope that help is available and give ideas on where to find help for oneself or a friend or family member.
To ensure safe facilitation in the preparation and presentation of the material.
To provide a positive and uplifting environment thorough out or by the end of the presentation.

Examples of Presentations
Depression and How to Help a Friend
Healthy Coping (self injury)
Living an Impression (anti-bullying)
Dealing with Loss/De-stressing for Christmas
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