Develop Skills

The Phoenix Youth Group is an interactive program for youth in grades 4-6. The program aims to help youth develop healthy coping skills, problem solving, and emotional regulation.

Our programs are open to everyone and are fun, interactive and a great way to learn about important topics which gives them strategies and tools to cope with everyday stressors. They learn that they are not alone, and others may go through similar struggles while also developing new friendships.

Weekend Workshops

Our weekend workshops help youth learn more about emotions, thoughts, stress and self-compassion.

Each day workshop engages youth with art activities, videos, and chances to win prizes. Youth will be building a “Feeling’s First Aid Kit” that they take home with them after.

This kit includes several coping skills and fidgets to help youth deal with difficult emotions and thoughts that we practice with throughout the day.

Evening Activies

Workshops aim to provide youth with the knowledge and skills to cope with common stresses they experience in their lives.

The topics are relevant and unique to youth including cyber safety, health relationships, stress, mental health and resilience

Youth learn the importance of making good choices in navigating their ever-changing lives.


Anyone can make a referral; including youth, parents, guardians, teachers, friends or community members, however, consent from a parent or caregivers is required prior to attending.

For more information, please contact the Youth Program Coordinator:

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