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Can’t make the event? Please consider making a charitable donation of $1,000 or an amount that is suitable for you. Your generous support helps us sustain and expand our programs, ensuring we can continue to make a positive impact in our community.

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Celebrating 13 Years

The “Chair” is a unique event that showcases the remarkable dedication of suicide survivors to honor and remember their loved ones. Symbolically, the empty chair is a framed absence, intended as a reminder of loss and a memory of someone dear who has now gone. The vacancy is a tribute, a lament, a visual expression of grief because language has reached its limits. The empty chair reminds us that while they may be gone, there is a place for them in our lives.

Over the past 13 years we have seen remarkable dedication and painstaking craft in the creative process of Chair building. Examples of “Chairs” from last year include a hand-crafted desk made of Puritan pine with wishbone cast iron legs that sold for $16,500. Northlands Coliseum and the Edmonton Oilers. The “When the Skies Are Grey” package went for $18,500, “A Taste of the Peace Package” sold for $11,000, and the “A Forever Tree” package went for $5,000. 

It allows people to turn from passive survivors into active creators and from silence to statements. Whether as a tribute to a person or as a symbol of hope. Their amazing work is recognized by the supporters who purchase the Chairs during the live auction, which in turn contributes to the success of our organization.

The Event

Sharing Stories

Live & Silent Auction

Dinner & Dancing

The event itself brings conversation, networking, and sharing stories from the attendees and presenters. Each year brings its own uniqueness with the chairs themselves acting as conversation starters, combined with the stories they represent.

Chair Extraordinaire Stories

Northlands Coliseum and The Edmonton Oilers

For over 40 years Northlands Coliseum, “The House That Gretzky Built”, provided countless Albertans memories unmatched to this day. Northlands Coliseum was home to Concerts, Wrestling, Monster Trucks, Rodeos, and much more…OH YES! THE EDMONTON OILERS! I don’t need to tell many of you about the success that the Oilers had while calling the Coliseum home; 5-time Stanley Cup Champions and “The Greatest NHL Team in History” (1983/84 Oilers).

 The Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention is an organization that was founded because of a need within our communities. Simply put, when skies are grey they seek to make them blue again. The Coliseum and the Oilers have made skies blue for many of us and we’d like to offer this priceless package of Coliseum and Oilers memorabilia in support of the important work that the Resource Centre provides.

 On behalf of Dynamud Logistics Services Inc. and Lesley Craig, Century 21 please take a seat in Row 25, grab a bag of popcorn and a Draft Beer, put on the hockey game, and enjoy while admiring autographed jerseys and memorabilia from some of the key players involved in building the Oilers Dynasty.

Sawêyihtowak—Cree word meaning “They bless one another; they love one another”

Sawêyihtowak—Cree word meaning “They bless one another; they love one another”

Family & kinship connections provide valuable elements for promoting life. Family is not always those who share our blood but are those who provide us with a source of love, support, and understanding. Whomever we consider family, it is important to spend quality time together to nurture not only our wellbeing, but the wellbeing of those we love and cherish.

The Grande Prairie Friendship Centre has created the chairs to promote connection—connection with loved ones, connection with nature, and to just enjoy being in the present moment, connecting with self.

“Family is not about blood. It’s about who is wiling to hold your hand when you need it the most” –Unknown

In loving memory of Delaine Lambert-English ~Ik’kinapaaki—Gentle Woman~

The Schollaardt Family

In loving memory of Mason Lockrem (1998-2019) a talented creative writer and avid reader, his legacy leaves us the gifts of originality and imagination.

Mason wrote stories and books as soon as he was able, and he spent hours and hours reading with a special devotion to fantasy and history.  Literature was his outlet and great love.  Our chair represents the comfort he found in his literary world and we, as his family, would love nothing more than having someone else take great comfort in it also. This desk was lovingly engineered by Mason’s uncle and the rest was an entire family endeavor as an expression of love, loss and longing for him to be sitting in it this evening.

A quote from one of Mason’s many journals:

“The love of earning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books.”

Proudly Donated by RB Oilfield hauling: Talk, Swing, Daydream or Sing

One conversation can save a life.

Out of fear that we won’t have the right words to say to someone struggling, we sometimes don’t ask “How are you doing?” But, just knowing someone cares enough to ask, listen to the answer, and hold a space for them can be enough to make a difference.

Our hope for this chair is that it may bring individuals closer, start conversations, or in some way bring some a moment of peace in their days.

This chair is a handcrafted log swing decorated