Tough Enough Evaluation Underway

To learn more about the successes and challenges in our programming, the Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention has started an evaluation of our men’s mental health services, starting with our “Tough Enough To Talk About It” program. This project is led by Connie Korpan, Psychology instructor and community researcher for NWP; assisted by Psychology student, Teresa Dirksen.

The comprehensive evaluation of the Tough Enough To Talk About It program will include feedback gathered from the workshop attendees, employers who offer it to their employees, and community stakeholders. The program content will also be compared to up-to-date research on effective suicide prevention programs. The evaluation will also include a Social Return on Investment calculation to assess and measure the social impact the program generates.

Information gathered by this project evaluation will further support evidence-based decision-making, enhance our services, assist in securing funding, and facilitate our accreditation process from Alberta Health Services to become officially recognized as a provider of mental healthcare.

July 24, 2023