Terms & Conditions

By purchasing the use of the Tough Enough To Talk About It videos, you agree to the following:

The Tough Enough To Talk About It videos are not intended as a substitute for qualified professional advice. Users should continue to seek professional advice specific to the situation.

  1. The Tough Enough To Talk About It videos will not be used for any other purpose than what they are intended for; to provide information about suicide prevention.
  2. This video series is available for a period of 12 months from the day of purchase.
  3. The videos will not be sold or re-produced in any other format. If you require the production in another format, contact Suicide Prevention Resource Centre.
  4. The person who leads the discussion after the video should be comfortable talking about mental health, mental illness, suicide prevention and will promote help-seeking when it is necessary.
  5. Prior to the meeting, inform the group that the video topic discusses mental health problems and suicide prevention.
  6. The time required to deliver the video with discussion is a minimum of 30 minutes. The Trades and Industry Video is 14 minutes in length. The Young Workers video is 13 minutes long. On The Farm Video is 18 minutes long.
  7. The discussion questions should be used to continue the conversation, address negative perceptions and encourage positive responses. Having a group discussion also provides time to follow up any concerns and to reinforce help-sources.
  8. Along with the video, provide Employee Assistance Program or community counseling resources to the group.
  9. Schedule a break following the video and discussion to allow for one-to-one conversation.
  10. Smaller groups are recommended to encourage a follow up discussion.
  11. Arrange for a resource person to be available at the session to refer people to if they have questions or concerns about mental health issues or suicide.
  12. Evaluation and feedback is important to Suicide Prevention Resource Centre. The evaluation form is on Survey Monkey. Print the form and distribute right after the presentation or direct participants to complete it online:
  13. This contract will expire 12 months from the day of purchase, at which time you will be invoiced for the year 2018 renewal, with the option of canceling the agreement and returning the DVD and USB sticks.

Contact Suicide Prevention Resource Centre for any questions about this agreement.

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Tough Enough To Talk About It is a copyrighted program of the Suicide Prevention Resource Centre

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