Strategies For Living – Suicide prevention workshop for caregivers of children and youth

Strategies for Living is an interactive workshop for people working with young people 12 to 17 years of age. This one-day workshop discusses biological risk factors, vulnerabilities, and understanding suicidal thoughts and behaviour in the adolescent population. Through videos, case studies and role-plays based on a range of youth issues, participants will acquire and practice skills in intervening with youth at risk for suicide. This workshop includes practical approaches for increasing resiliency, tools for survival and coping skills for managing their circumstances. Online and community resources and programs will be presented.

Cost: $100

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the biological, developmental risk factors and vulnerabilities for suicide risk;
  • Understand the dynamics of suicidal behaviour in youth;
  • Understand the difference between suicide and self-harm behaviour;
  • Demonstrate the use of an intervention model with youth;
  • Knowledge of practical strategies to employ with youth;
  • Knowledge of resources and programs that are recommended for youth suicide prevention.

Date: No Course dates announced for 2020 at this point.


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