SafetyNet School Program

SafetyNet is designed for in-school delivery.

What should students expect from SafetyNet training?

Community Helpers and SafetyNet teach theHelping Skill.The Helping Skill is a tool that supports an individual’s natural helping ability. Opportunity to engage with the Helping Skill is found in topics such as:

SafetyNet School Program
  • knowing when to help a friend,
  • limits as a helper,
  • myths and realities of mental illness,
  • a better understanding of suicide and prevention,
  • healthy self-care, and
  • identifying appropriate resources.

Training engages participants and builds their confidence in their ability to help others. At the end of training, participants will be able to build mental health equity in their school community. They will understand common mental health language, and be able to identify levels of concern and resolve conflict through the Helping Skill. Participants will be able to connect to helping resources and professionals, and to understand and practice healthy self-care.

SafetyNet in Junior High Schools occurs during school hours in order to best engage students. Community Helpers recommends either 4 half-days or weekly 90-minute sessions. A flexible training program can be developed to meet the needs of your students. Total training time is between 12 and 15 hours, with 3 90-minute monthly follow-up sessions.

SafetyNet in High Schools occurs as a 2-day workshop, totalling 12-15 hours. However, if the high school can accommodate longer training times, training will total 20 hours, with follow-up recommended. Again, the program can be designed around a flexible schedule and your Community Helpers programmer can help you develop a plan which best suits your school’s need.

Surveys to identify SafetyNet students MAY be given prior to training and can either be administered by the identified liaison of the school or the Program Coordinator. Other training options included self-selection only or entire classes.


For Junior or Senior High Schools:

  • We recommend a school Guidance Counsellor or specified teacher to act as the leading liaison for each school’s SafetyNet Program.  Please click here to contact the SafetyNet coordinator.
  • Surveys to identify SafteyNet students can be given prior to training and must be administered by the identified liaison of the school. Once the surveys are complete, the school will be able to identify which students were nominated for the training.

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