Support after Suicide or Suicide Attempt (Caregivers)

Support after Suicide or Suicide Attempt (Caregivers)

Resources for Survivors of Suicide

Support After Suicide

Many people bereaved by suicide feel alone and isolated. The silence that surrounds the issue of suicide can complicate the experience. Because of the social stigma surrounding suicide, people feel the pain of the loss, yet may not believe they are allowed to express it.

Supporting Children After a Suicide Loss: a guide for parents and caregivers

Supporting Someone after a Suicide Attempt

Discovering that someone you care about has tried to end their life can be a devastating experience. You may initially experience emotions such as shock and denial. Sometimes those close to the suicidal person blame themselves for what has happened, thinking, for example, "if only I'd watched them more closely". The fact that someone close to you or a loved one has attempted suicide is not your fault

Survivors Of Suicide

A friend or family member has experienced the death of someone loved from suicide. You want to help, but you are not sure how to go about it. This page will guide you in ways to turn your cares and concerns into positive action.