Sometimes, the world can be overwhelming. We can help.

The Gryphon (grades 7-12) and Phoenix (grades 4-6) Youth Groups (formerly known as The Breakfast Club Youth Program) are FREE programs through the Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention that support youth mental health and well-being by building youth coping skills, increasing self-awareness, and fostering healthy peer relationships. These 1-Day workshops are a fun, interactive way to support youth to build skills and learn about a variety of important topics including thoughts & feelings, coping with stress, boundaries and healthy relationships.

Anyone can refer a youth to our program. Call us at 780-539-7142, email, or use the online referral form at

Our workshops help participants to see that other youth go through similar struggles and gives them strategies and tools to cope with everyday stressors. This program is also a great way for youth to develop new friendships in the Grande Prairie area. If youth are not currently struggling, these tools may be helpful in the future to limit the negative impact of stress, or to help a friend in need.

The Phoenix Preteen Workshop, grades 4-6,  explores topics including stress, thoughts & feelings, healthy peer relationships, and we help youth build their own “feelings first aid kits”.

The Gryphon Teen Workshop, for grades 7-12, explores topics including stress and anxiety, boundaries, healthy relationships, and digital safety.

Anyone can make a referral, including youth, parents, guardians, teachers, friends, or community members. All programming requires parent/guardian consent for the youth to participate. There is no cost to participants.

Youth must be able to participate in the workshop or be accompanied by appropriate supports. Youth must be aware of group referral and want to participate in group. Youth need to be able to manage in group setting for their own benefit and the benefit of the group.

If you believe you, or someone you know, would benefit from our youth workshops, please submit a registration/referral form, email or call our office at 780-539-7142 for more information. To learn more about the activities available to each age group click on the links below:

To learn more about the activities available to each age group click on the links below:

Activities for youth Grades 4-6

Activities for youth Grades 7-12