Care for the Caregivers

Thank you for your interest in our care for the caregivers project, we received so much interest and assistance from the community to put these packages together and it has been so heartwarming to be involved in thanking those who put so much care into the people and community around us. We have all the registrations we can accept so the form has closed and are now putting together the packages ready for their collection from our caregivers! We will be ‘isolating’ them for 10 days in addition to the disinfection fogging to keep them extra safe and contacting the registrants to prepare their packages and we can get it into their hands over the second week of May or as soon as we can!

We will have the self-care information pdf along with the AHS self-care toolkit available as a download here. Please look after yourselves and take time to put your care ahead as part of your routine 😊

If you have any questions or comments about the packages, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have noticed that we have had some real ups and downs over the last year, we have learned a few lessons and we want to share them and give a boost to others like us, that are out in the community as caregivers and coping with anxieties and changing circumstances of our own throughout. Our staff and community have given us tips, techniques and opportunities to try something that has helped them, whether a distraction, new skill, a happy adventure or simply an activity that gave them peace. These are all collected into one document for people to access today, or next month, or try one a week! We will make the document available on the website as downloadable once it is all completed.

We just want to say, these have helped us, and we hope they help you, and in addition, we have put together a small gift package from community members and sponsors to just say, we see you and we care. To do our part in reducing contacts, any parts of the gift bag are put together 10 days before we notify the receiver that they are ready for collection or delivery, so please register for the caregiver package throughout April and we will follow up with you throughout May to make arrangements for collection and delivery.

Our caregiver packages are customized to the answers you give in the form, you are welcome to nominate another person but make sure we have their permission to contact them as we will need to make sure of their answers to the form and arrange delivery/pick-up. These are intended for caregivers, however they might identify themselves, but some occupations that fit are firefighters, EMS, nurses, support staff, of course there are so many more and we aren’t limiting who these are available to, we are just asking how you identify as a caregiver so we can answer to the volunteers and sponsors how these packages are distributed.

We will be offering Psychological First Aid workshops along with AHS (no charge) and Mental Health First Aid workshops virtually throughout May as this also coincides with Mental Health Week, Nurses Week, EMS Week, Rural Health Week all happening in May – it’s time to pay attention and take stock of our own mental health as well as those around us.

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