KMSC Law Golf Event Supports SPRC


Time to buy your golf passport! Passports for July's four-day KMSC Law Golf event cost $285 and include golfing [the 18-hole event], a cart and $200 in "funny money." The funny money is given by players in the form of a certificate to the not-for-profit organizations. [They also have lots of GP Golf & Country Club coupons - $800 in total value.]

"The nice thing from a participant's perspective is that don't have to reach into their wallet every hole," Carlstrom explained. "They can just reach into their book, tear off a coupon, give it to the not-for-profit and still have the same effect as giving them actual money."

With 175 passports available in total, Carlstrom encourages people of all ages and skill levels to come out in support of all the organizations.

For more information on the event, the not-for-profit organizations or to register, visit To purchase passports drop by any of the 18 not-for-profit organizations or the Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club.
...from the Daily Herald Tribune, April 14.