Shine Your Light

Please shine your light on suicide prevention by supporting SPRC. You can donate year-round. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far, both in donations and sponsorships!

Check out our music video on our donation page  where you are given the opportunity to donate once or monthly. 

Your small gift of $10 per month will, for example, help a youth from this area attend a retreat or workshop, or help us take presentations (How to Help a Friend or Tough Enough to Talk about It) to schools and workplaces, etc. SPRC is a registered charity and can provide tax deductible receipts. It's less than the cost of most lunches out but enough contributions will make a big difference.

Watch & Listen (it's a very positive music video) • Share • Donate

Suicide prevention depends on knowledge and understanding.  As more people learn to recognize suicidal behavior and learn how to respond, the stronger our community safety net will be.  We can save lives, but we need your help to do so. 

So much depends on sufficient funds.  Suicide Prevention Resource Centre is a non-profit organization, relying on provincial and municipal government support, funding from private foundations, and donations from individuals.  Fundraising accounts for about 20% of our annual budget, and this year, that means roughly $100,000. 

To help us reach that goal, our agency has created a new fundraiser.  Shine Your Light is an online campaign, intending to raise both awareness of suicide prevention and much needed funds.  A group of Grande Prairie volunteers came together in early December to record a music video based on the old song, This Little Light of Mine. 

Sponsors to date include 2dayFM, BigCountry XX, ReachFM, Rock97.7, Q99, and Pomeroy Lodging.

. . . 

Dozens of awesome volunteers (in the audience and on stage) braved the cold to be with us on Sunday, December 11th at the Douglas Cardinal Theatre at Grande Prairie Regional College to record a music video for our Shine Your Light campaign. Our thanks go out to them as well as to our two key singers Ashley and Olivia, and the production crew of Gordie Haakstad (Director/Producer), Chris Beauchamp (Director/Producer), Mark Brazier (Music Arrangement/Vocal Coaching), and Chris McIntyre (Audio Producer), Laura Beauchamp (Assistant Director), Cara Jones (2nd AD / Grip), Patrick O'Connor (Assistant Camera),Yna Tejol (2nd Assistant Camera /PA), John Rowe (GPRC Location Stage Lighting) and all the members of their crew-from Gladys Blackmore (Producer/Client) and everyone at SPRC.