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The program is open to any youth ages 9 to 17, who are at-risk or not currently at-risk, as the tools and strategies are beneficial for everyone. The Breakfast Club is a support and education program, and does not offer therapy or treatment.

Anyone can make a referral to The Breakfast Club, including teens, parents, guardians, friends and community members. Youth must be able to work within a group environment for the full period of time (full day or weekend). Please make the family or youth aware that you are making this referral if you are not the primary parent/guardian.

The Breakfast Club serves a region extending from the BC border to Fox Creek and from Grande Cache to Fairview.

Permission to attend the program must be given by the youth’s parent, foster parent or guardian. There is no cost for either program, although guardians will need to arrange transportation to the retreat or workshop, and to the weekly follow-up meetings. Transportation is not generally provided but may be available under some circumstances.

Referrals to other programs will be made as required and other supports will be discussed with referral sources, parents/guardians and youth where applicable. Referral sources can receive information on their client’s participation and suggestions for further referral and support if requested. Referral sources will also receive support through crisis for their client.

Contact us for presentations, information, posters, brochures, yearly program date cards and other promotional materials.

To refer online, please fill out this form.

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I want to refer a teen-youth

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