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Group of Teen Boys If I need to talk to someone I will talk to someone from Breakfast Club instead of keeping it to myself
- Breakfast Club Teen

The Breakfast Club knows you have things to be stressed about and a lot of decisions to make. Our teen program is a chance to learn some ways to deal with those issues and have a ton of fun doing it.

The program begins with a fun weekend retreat. This weekend is a chance to have a break from daily life/family/school, meet some others your own age and talk about some of that “stuff” that goes on when you’re a teenager like relationships, friendships, grief and loss, what to do when someone is thinking about suicide or may have depression, drugs & alcohol with no teachers or peers around, self-harm, stress and a lot more. This weekend is a safe place to be yourself and take some time to actually think about how well you are dealing with things, build on things you are already doing great with (maybe help someone else with your ideas) and learn some new skills to deal with things that maybe are not going so well. Whether you are dealing with a lot of scary things or not really stressed at all, a lot of these ideas can be a big help now or when things get rough later.

I will change how I cope with relationships and cutting
- Breakfast Club Teen

The weekend is a ton of fun, we don’t force you to share big stories or talk much if you don’t want too, and after the weekend we have weekly Support & Friendship nights that are fun and helpful. (see below)

The weekend also includes funny movies, junk food, silly games, art activities, fear factor, a scavenger hunt and a ton of other fun things. Everything is Free.

The program coordinator will also meet with your teen at school before the weekend to explain more about it.

Support & Friendship Nights

Group of Teen Girls Try not to stress as much about being lonely because now I am not alone
- Breakfast Club Teen

After the retreat weekend, you will always be invited to our weekly Support and Friendship nights. These nights are a chance to continue learning a bit as well as meeting other Breakfast Club teens. These free nights include a monthly “Rec night” that is a large fun event at local places such The Jumpyard, Centre for Creative arts, Muskoseepi Park, Laser Tag central etc. These events are for Breakfast Club teens only.

How to sign up

You can sign up or get more info in a few different ways. If you would like your parent/guardian to do it, you can, but you can also sign yourself up. Options include:

  • Call 780-539-7142 (great for parents because we will call them anyways)
  • online referral form (great for parents or you if you want)
  • find us on Facebook “The Breakfast Club Youth Program, Grande Prairie AB”
  • text us at 780-402-1579 with your name and that you are interested

If you sign yourself up, we will talk to you first, then contact your parent/guardian and talk to them more about it. We can help you with ideas of how to approach them about the idea if needed.

If this is an emergency for yourself or a friend, call 911 immediately.

If you need someone to talk too and are not comfortable talking to someone in your home or school, call the Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or go to their website for information and online chat help at

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