New Workshops Available

Written by SPRC

Suicide Prevention Resource Centre is pleased to have added several new workshops to our training line-up. We know how important it is that people increase their understanding and awareness of mental health issues, as this is the first step in breaking down stigmas and starting open, healthy dialogue.

Check out these new workshops, and see if there is something here for you!

  1. Safer Workplaces: this workshop is for business owners, managers, safety managers and HR specialists. Safer Workplaces equips people in leadership positions at their place of work to identify when an employee might be at risk of a mental health concern and know what to say and do. This workshop introduces psychological risk assessment tools to help employers and managers to effectively address mental health in their workplace.
  2. Mental Health First Aid: SPRC will be offering MHFA regularly throughout the year, including Basic, MHFA for People Working with Youth, and MHFA for Seniors and Caregivers.
  3. Awareness of Self-Harming Behaviour: is a one-day workshop. Participants will learn about self-harming behaviours, triggers, escalation and be introduced to some strategies to encourage healthier coping mechanisms in those who are exhibiting self-harming behaviours.

All of our workshops are offered at reasonable prices, providing enough income to cover the cost of training and expenses. We can also bring training directly to you, if you have enough participants available. If you would like on-site training, please call the SPRC offices at 780-539-6680 and ask for Ainsley, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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